All this time
The Sun never says
To the Earth,
“You owe me.”
What happens
With a love like that.
lt lights the


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"We’re so obsessed with doing that have no imagination left for being. As a result, men are valued not for what they are but for what they do or what they have - for their usefulness."

Thomas Merton

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This is a pattern

That repeat itself, throughout the history.

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“What is necessary, after all, is only this: solitude, vast inner solitude. To walk inside yourself and meet no one for hours - that is what you must be able to attain.”


— Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

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"She had studied the universe all her life, but had overlooked its clearest message : For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."

Carl Sagan

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"My sweet rose, my delicate flower, my lily of lilies, it is perhaps in prison that I am going to test the power of love. I am going to see if I cannot make the bitter warders sweet by the intensity of the love I bear you. I have had moments when I thought it would be wise to separate. Ah! Moments of weakness and madness! Now I see that would have mutilated my life, ruined my art, broken the musical chords which make a perfect soul. Even covered with mud I shall praise you, from the deepest abysses I shall cry to you. In my solitude you will be with me."

Oscar Wilde - The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde

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"Thus passing out of my cell in all directions are fine threads connecting me with thousands of creatures great and small, whose doings react upon me to arouse disquiet, pain, and self-reproach. You yourself, too, belong to this company of birds and beasts to which my nature throbs responsive. I feel how you are suffering because the years are passing beyond recall without your being able really to “live”! Have patience, and take courage! We shall live none the less, shall live through great experiences. What we are now witnessing is the submergence of the old world, day by day another fragment sinks beneath the waters, day by day there is some fresh catastrophe. The strangest thing is that most people see nothing of it, but continue to imagine that the ground is firm beneath their feet."

Rosa Luxemburg, letter from prison, May 12, 1918

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Protesters still have time to make “Game of Thrones” refs


Protesters still have time to make “Game of Thrones” refs

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